Terms and Conditions

Marine Cargo Insurance

DTV Cargo Insurance Conditions 2000/2008

All Risks
DTV All Risks.pdf

Limited Cover
DTV Limited Cargo.pdf

Special Terms and Conditions for the Open Policy of Goods at Exhibitions and Trade Fairs
DTV Exhibitions and Trade Fairs.pdf

Classification and Age Clause
DTV Classification and Age Clause.pdf

War Clause
DTV War Clause.pdf

Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotions Clause
DTV Strikes Riots and Civil Commotions Clause.pdf

Transport Liability Insurance:
the following laws, terms, conditions can be applicable:
ADSp (german forwarders standard terms and conditions)
HGB (national german law)
CMR (international road-transport)
Montreal Convention / Warsaw Convention (airfeight-shipments)
Seafreight: depends on conditions of carriage

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